Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Swap that art!

If you make and sell hand-made, you buy a lot of hand-made as well. Why not save yourself a little money by swapping some of your hand-made items for other hand-made items you covet?

There are several swap-friendly shops on Etsy. I've found some by searching for "trade", "swap", etc... in the forums. There are also other sites dedicated solely to the swapping of handmade goods.

My first swap was on WESWAP . Where I traded some of my perfume oils for a photographic print. That experience was so enjoyable, I wanted to swap more.

As soon as I heard about the site Swap Workshop , i joined up there. I've been a member a few months now and have done quite a few swaps. It's an interesting system they've got. This one's not so much a trade and barter site as an earn what you want site. You accumulate points based on what you trade and how much you trade. You can save your points to get something big, or use them to buy little things you like. Very nice 'cause there's something for every budget.

So if you're an artist or a crafter, check out We Swap , Swap Workshop and Etsy for other swappers.

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