Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mmm...Lip Balms!!

So I have been playing around with my lip balm supplies and think I finally have the consistency down right :) I am starting with just a few flavors, have been blending them into my own flavor concoctions...and then will add more later if these do well and people like them.

So I'm thinking these are the flavors I am going to start with:

* Strawberries & Champaigne
* Honey & Peaches
* Strawberry & Vanilla
* Cherry & Vanilla
* Blue Rasberry & Vanilla
* Mango, Honey & Vanilla
* Tangerine, Honey & Vanilla
* Tangerine & Mango
* Cherry, Strawberry & Rasberry

Still working on names and the perfect blends of flavors and natural sweetener (stevia and coconut milk)...I expect these to be up on Etsy in a week or two...and ready for Spring/Summer Fairs!!

If there are other flavor combos you would like to see, please feel free to suggest them to me, this is just my starter round of lipbalms.

They are all natural and feature moisturizing, nourishing ingredients like Castor Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Soy Oil, Carnuba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Stevia & Cocunut Milk as sweeteners.