Friday, July 22, 2011

I Heart PuchiMo !!!

Since I was in elementary school I have been writing to penpals. The whole thing started when my school librarian got a letter from a girl in Rhode Island who wanted a penpal. She gave the letter to me, I wrote to the girl (Laura), and have been hooked ever since.
From there I answered penpal club ads in teen magazines, as well as penpal ads in teen and music magazines. Picked up a couple of overseas penpals, learned of new ways to meet more penpals, etc...
Because I write a lot of letters, I have a natural interest in all the things which go along with letter writing: pens, makers, highlighters, fasteners, cards, stickers, and, of course, really cute paper to write on!
One of my wonderful penpals, Kana, (who is originally from Japan but is now living in California with her American husband) is a great artist and designer. She's opened shop on selling her adorable, and totally original kawaii stationery! Her stuff is seriously cute and very reasonably priced. I've just ordered some myself and can't wait to get it!! I know from the samples I've seen, though, I won't be disappointed!
Please pay her a visit!

One of the PuchiMo letter papers I love!

Aww! Love this one, too!

A set of cards I like! (comes with envelopes and cute envelope seals, too!)


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