Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wigged Out

So, my addiction to wigs did continue, as predicted. Instead of ordering more from Annabelle's Wigs, though (as I said I would and should have done!), decided to compare some other wigs and see what else was out there before committing to one company.
So, the results of my wig undertaking so far are as follows!

After ordering my first wig from Annabellle's Wigs, I was totally in love and went wig-searching on e-bay. I bid-on, and won, two very inexpensive wigs from the same seller (bestelectronic-store) on Ebay.
The first wig was a shortish, medium-pink cosplay wig I thought would be cute for parties, holidays, and just for fun. I paid around $8 totaly for that wig and it's actually quite good quality. The shedding isn't excessive, and there's a lot of hair and a good cut.

The second one was a long, reddish-brown, face-framing wig from the same shop. Only paid $4, plus shipping for that one...and that's about what it is worth. On the brown one, you can see the cap through the hair. The shedding is also bad. It was impossible to wear as it was, so i cut the front and made short, straight-across bangs. It's at least wearable now, but only for pictures and costumes. Visibly cheaply made.

The draw-back for me for Annabelle's wigs is that the US $dollar is like a Peso these days. What looks like a bargain in Euros is still decent, but not as great a bargain, in Dollars. Plus there's overseas shipping, which is always a lot of fun. So my quest continued. There had to be somewhere with cheaper shipping, or cheaper wigs. I had to compromise on one.
Then I found KKcenterHK. Their wigs are, indeed, cheaper than Annabelle's, and the shipping isn't bad, either. For a little more then the price my Annabelle's wig, I got two for KKHK.
I've wanted a short bob wig for some time and have had my eye on one on Annabelle's waiting for it to come back into stock. I saw a short one on KK and snatched that up. They didn't have my proverbial red, light blonde, or black, so I got brown. The quality of it is actually pretty nice. The cap is kind of big for my head and with such a short wig, that kind of matters. I'm going to have to play around with it to see what I can do to get it to fit better. This is the easist wig to wear. Pops right on and lays perfectly. What I love about it is I could NEVER have hair like this in real life.

And I miss my blonde hair, so I got a long, wavy blonde one. It's supposed to be an ash blonde with white blonde accents in it. I think it's pretty fakey looking and kind of Farrah Faucet, which it didn't look like on the I guess I will have to play around with it some more and see what I can make it do. It's very shiny and glossy looking, kind of frizzy, too. Not in love with the blonde one.

So, in the end...I still like my Jessica wig best! I guess you are better off paying a little more for quality than sacrificing a lot of quality for a cheaper price.

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