Saturday, January 15, 2011

good stuff in the mail today!

Today my order of goodies from  Rock A Betty Beauty arrived. I was psyched! Been super-excited about receiving this stuff.
I mostly got cash for Christmas, so I treated myself to some things I wouldn't otherwise have ever gotten. This was just the first to arrive!
So what did I order?

I got the Ultimate Lining Collection...that's a sample of every single mineral powder eyeshadow in the aresenal (38 shades!) and a full-size bottle of "The Wet Spot"...a really great serum to mix with the powdered shadows for amazing effects!
Also picked up a 20 gram jar of Pinup Glow Natural Complexion Enhancer...a great photo-finish-type veil to "set" your face and leave you looking flawless. extra bottle of "The Wet Spot", 'cause I knew I would need it!

So far I have only played with two colors and two drops of The Wet Spot, and I love this stuff. As a liner, it's smooth, easy to control, and stays put. As  a shadow (with Wet Spot), it's satiny feeling, but metallic looking. Very vibrant and a little goes a long way! I only used a very light dusting of the Pinup Glow over my face with no foundation or anything else on, and my skin did look way better. Smoother and more evenly toned. Also there's a slight glisten that sort of blurs your imperfections and makes you look great.

Here's some pics of what I've played around with so far!

                                                              Frankenstella & Rabies
                                                             Frankenstella & Rabbies

Can't wait to play around with these goodies some more!

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